JCoinster- Blogging without reason, just treason.

After being ignored on Facebook for too long, I found my password to my attempted blog from 4 years ago. I dusted it off - if that is even possible for a website, but nonetheless - and started writing.


You didn’t miss anything while I was gone! JK, they’re shipping CR48’s! -LIMITED

Well, yeah…. I said posting resumes tomorrow….. but…… Yeah, no.

Visit the old link here: http://jcoinster.blogspot.com/2010/12/track-to-see-if-you-will-recieve-cr-48.html
for continual updates! They’re kinda shipping them, but don’t get your hypes up TOO high, because you can’t keep applying 100 times, or at all for that matter.


Some people REALLY don’t get it.

For the last time:

I’m not even kidding, I’m still getting emails from people asking for tracking info that I don’t have!
I even took the time to write a long paragraph on why I am not a tracker and the data I had expired over 2 months ago. I don’t know what to do anymore!


How to tell when your CR48 automatically updated

Simple. Try to tap to click. If it doesn’t work, there you have it. Fastest guide yet.


Rant: The iPad 2 and anything else not significant in the tech world

iPad 2Person 1: “OMFG! The iPad 2 is 33% thinner! I have to go waste another $500 on one RIGHT now!”

-No. No one cares.

Person 2: “OMFG! The iPad 2 has TWO cameras!”

-The front one, great idea Apple. The second one…. Who the hell is going to hold up a freaken iPad to take a picture!

Person 3: “The CR48 sucks. The trackpad sucks. The offline mode sucks. The file browser sucks.”

-Sure some things need to be worked out, but isn’t that why it’s called BETA. Dual boot Ubuntu while they finish their OS or give it to one of the thousands of people who didn’t get one.

Person 4: “OMFG! Did you see Charlie Sheen on the news yesterday?! He was caught walking with a new dog! I bet his old dog is PISSED!”

-Just another stupid thing that only lone, bored people use to make them feel better about themselves

So yeah. That’s what’s going on in the tech world. Nothing to see. Nothing cool.


CNN Doesn’t Like The CR48, Huh. Let’s Break him to the ground, right here.

So Mr. Mangalindan, I loved your new post on CNN, NOT.

Quote #1:
"it totes a single-core Atom processor and 2 GB of RAM, typical parts for netbooks that sold two or three years ago. (Now, if you pick up a netbook at all, it probably has a more capable, dual-core Atom.)”
-I’ll have you know, my Dell Mini 10V, and MSI Wind, from the same time period as what you are describing, both had a single core Atom processor, and 1 GB of RAM, unlike the newer, HD Video capable, Pine Trail in the CR48’s with included double RAM.

Quote #2:
”The cursor jumps around, pages sometimes load slowly”
-That’s because you’re to retarded to realize Google is trying to get rid of the click, by using two finger tap, scroll and single click tap.

Quote #3:
”more than two or three open tabs can slow work to a crawl.”
-Sorry, the CR48 doesn’t support the browsing of more then one porn site.

Quote #4:
”As for video playback? Hit or (mostly) miss. Netflix isn’t supported yet, while YouTube and Hulu are only watchable at their lowest settings, though even then, they’ll occasionally stutter. “
-Seriously? Netflix? It’s a PILOT program, what the hell did you expect. As for youtube and Hulu, I think the 30,000 some odd CR48 users disagree.

Well, at least he likes the stickers. How unappreciative….


Micro Managing Your CR48 3G Usage? Here’s How To Make It Last

Have a long car trip? Happen to own a CR48 with 100 mb free monthly? Here’s how to make that trip great. I was able to browse and chat for hours on end while only using 20 MB of data.

First off, make sure you click the wrench and open Preferences. Under Privacy, click Content Settings. Turn off images.

There, done. Now stay away from flash and youtube. Also, if you really want to save data, visit the site http://blit.li/, which converts sites into only text.


Chrome Update #4: Ubuntu Dual Boot

Using the "Easy" Method, I ran the script twice and BAM, Ubuntu dual boot.

It’s nothing to brag about, I love having crossover installed and the fact that I have a FILE BROWSER ;D

The Bad:
The function (top) keys don’t work, along with the search button and right clicking (which I only use two finger tap anyway - so no effect on me). Since there is no delete key, that obviously doesnt work and neither does Grub. I wish I could dual boot without code/flipping the switch. Last of my negative rants, the 3G doesn’t work.

The Good, The Great And The Awesome:
But negatives aside, it provides a killer OFFLINE mode, the friendly and well known “desktop” and I have the ability to run more than just web apps. Bluetooth is also unlocked in Ubuntu. The media player works as well as skype and running through my external drive, games and CAD using crossover. Also, I love using dual screen functionality.

Lastly, the Chrome Application runs pretty damn amazing, as on any computer.


Trouble Moving to the Cloud? Here’s Step 1: Music

Most likely, you have iTunes and unless you listen to music straight out of an Amazonian Forest, most of your songs are already in the cloud (of Groove)

Note to Amazonians: Visit this link: http://retro.grooveshark.com/upload/

For all the rest of you Billboard Top 100 followers, visit this link: http://groovylists.com/?do=itunes
First, you need a XML of your playlists. To do so:
1. Double click iTunes
2. Wait patiently
image3. Right click your playlist and save it as an XML on your desktop or somewhere
(Was that too fast?)

Now go to the site and upload it. If you can’t figure the rest out, please send your CR48 back to Google at the following address:

Google Inc.
1600 Amphitheatre Parkway
Mountain View, CA 94043


Slow Wifi on a CR48? Slow Wifi with Linksys Router? No problem!

Go to
Type the default password, usually a blank user and “admin” as the password.


Click the images to see them full size

Now copy my settings. Notice how I am using ONLY wireless G

With these settings, I was able to get 14 MB/S and 2 MB/S on my CR48


Sorry…. Google is Done Accepting CR48 Applications

"We are no longer accepting new applications for the Pilot program. If you want to be notified when Chrome notebooks go on sale and stay up to date on the latest Chrome notebook news, please fill out this form. "

This does not mean they won’t send out more


New CR48 Tracker Released!

Who needs A_gamer anyway! This tracker will shut up ANYONE who is trying to get their hands on a CR48 by obsessing! Check it out here: http://blogs-helping.me/cr-48-tracker-returns/

(A_gamer, no hard feelings, especially after you see the site ;D)


Chrome Notebook Update #2

Things I would like to be changed:

I decided to try dual screen functionality on my CR48

What happens? Both screens show the same thing, useful if you are using a projector.

I hope to see an update soon. 

Next I tried uploading photos from an SD card

The slideshow would not show a single picture from my camera and instead, it showed a black screen.

Other then that, I have not seen any other glitches. I have also found a case that fits the CR48 so well, it was if it was made for the laptop.


Surprisingly to many of you, and myself, I have not hit the ever so tempting switch. Mostly because I am still not allowed

The forum has been very lively and I am very proud to be a part of it.

I have posted some suggestions for features here:

Google Goggles for the CR48-https://groups.google.com/forum/?fromgroups#!topic/chrome-notebook-pilot/YzGEXu7BU2c

Facial Recognition as a login- https://groups.google.com/forum/?fromgroups#!topic/chrome-notebook-pilot/QTYUDWlX_X0

Dual Screen like above: https://groups.google.com/forum/?fromgroups#!topic/chrome-notebook-pilot/kRC5AP-x3v0


CR48 Google Group. It’s gone…. for now

Because of everyone complaining, I would imagine they deleted it until 3AM again. Hopefully tomorrow we don’t all find another 700 emails!


Thank you ever so much Google for the 700 emails at 3 AM this morning…

imageFinally, the official chrome notebook Google Group was created,  awkwardly early in the morning, today.

Everyone who was added to the group, including myself, is slowly waking up to find their emails jam packed with emails.

If you have to rid yourself of the hundreds more to come is to log onto Google Groups: http://groups.google.com and click on the group in the sidebar. Then click “Edit my Membership” to change settings.

I’m glad to see Google directly requesting feedback instead of allowing people to openly sell them and think they won’t have to do anything

*This group has 25960 members so don’t worry if it is legit.*

The greetings email, which I had to rip through my email to find:

"Hi all,
My name is Jess. I’m a product specialist on Chrome noteboo
ks and also going to be one of your Google Guides. I’m hoping to learn more about the different ways you use your Cr-48s - personally, mine has been indispensable as both a coffee table computer and cross-country companion.

The Gorilla in the picture is somewhat of a mascot for our cube so I very much appreciate his advice from time to time. ;)